Arizona Trail B Sep 15

A 5-mile segment of the Arizona Trail at 9000' as it passes the Snow Bowl ski area near Flagstaff
P9080001   ARIZONA TRAIL B P9080002   Our start is midway up Snow Bowl Road above Flagstaff, at 8600' P9080003 P9080004   Our rainy summer has brought lushness
P9080007 P9080008   We're already at the transition from ponderosa to aspen P9080009   Down a steep hill... P9080010
P9080011 P9080013-2 P9080016   ...To join the Arizona Trail P9080017
P9080018 P9080019 P9080020 P9080021   A small tank reflects Mt Kendrick
P9080022 P9080023   And San Francisco Peaks P9080026 P9080028
P9080030 P9080031 P9080032 P9080033
P9080034 P9080036 P9080038 P9080039
P9080040 P9080041   The southbound and northbound Arizona Trail signs P9080042 P9080044
P9080045 P9080046 P9080047 P9080048
P9080049 P9080050 P9080052 P9080054
P9080055 P9080056 P9080058 P9080059   Now at 9200', the Snow Bowl base.
P9080060 P9080061 P9080062   Lupine P9080063
P9080064 P9080066 P9080067   Across the ski slope, a good lunch spot P9080068
P9080069 P9080070 P9080071 P9080072
P9080073 P9080074 P9080075 P9080076
P9080077 P9080078 P9080079 P9080080
P9080081 P9080082 P9080084 P9080086   Rain is coming!
P9080087 P9080088 P9080089 P9080091   And we're back, just in time to stay dry