Around Cathedral and Sisters Sep 15

STarting from the north side of Cathedral Rock, around Seven Sisters and cathedral, including a stop at the Island on Oak Creek
P9100093   CATHEDRAL-SISTERS CIRCUMNAVIGATION P9100094   A sacred datura, at our start at Back O'Beyond P9100095   Heading up a long wash P9100096
P9100097 P9100099 P9100100 P9100102
P9100103 P9100104 P9100105 P9100106
P9100107   Off to the Templeton Trail P9100108 P9100109   ...toward Village of Oak Creek P9100110
P9100111 P9100112 P9100113 P9100114   A ruined pioneer cabin
P9100115 P9100116 P9100118   Here we connect to the trail around Seven Sisters P9100119
P9100120 P9100122 P9100123 P9100124
P9100126 P9100127 P9100128 P9100129
P9100130 P9100131   East Sedona and the Chapel P9100132 P9100134
P9100135 P9100136 P9100138   As we come around, Cathedral is in view once again P9100139
P9100140 P9100141 P9100142 P9100143
P9100144   Looking down on the Village as we take the saddle across to Cathedral P9100145 P9100146 P9100147
P9100148 P9100150 P9100151 P9100153
P9100154 P9100155 P9100156 P9100157
P9100158   There is oinly one place to go down to the creek P9100160 P9100161 P9100162   Joiningthe trail along Oak Creek
P9100163 P9100164   First, we backtrack to the Island P9100166   Time for a little cold water therapy. Don't forget about your phone! P9100167
P9100168 P9100169 P9100171 P9100172
P9100174 P9100175 P9100176 P9100177
P9100179   Upstream to the front side of Cathedral P9100180 P9100181 P9100182