Around Cathedral via Hiline Jan 15

Starting from the Yavapai Vista trailhead on Hwy 179
P1150001   AROUND CATHEDRAL VIA HILINE TRAIL P1150003 P1150004 P1150006   We head for the north end of Seven Sisters...
P1150007 P1150008 P1150010   Good views across 179 to the Courthouse, Bell Rock and Rabbit Ears P1150011
P1150012 P1150013 P1150015 P1150016
P1150017 P1150018 P1150019 P1150020   When we round the north end of Sisters, Cathedral Rock comes into view
P1150021 P1150023 P1150024 P1150025
P1150026 P1150027 P1150028 P1150029
P1150030 P1150032 P1150033 P1150034   We now follow the ridge across to cathedral, with views of Verde Valley School below
P1150035 P1150036 P1150038 P1150039
P1150040 P1150041 P1150042 P1150044
P1150045   We stay left of Cathedral on the same level P1150046 P1150047 P1150049
P1150051 P1150052 P1150053 P1150054   Coming down off Cathedral to Oak Creek
P1150055 P1150056 P1150059 P1150062
P1150064 P1150065 P1150066 P1150067
P1150068 P1150071   Plenty of bikers are out today P1150072   At Oak Creek, we divert for lunch on the Island P1150074
P1150075 P1150076 P1150077   High water and ducks today P1150078
P1150081 P1150084 P1150085 P1150092
P1150094 P1150095   Then we proceed upstream... P1150098 P1150099
P1150100 P1150101   ...Up the switchbacks to the front side of Cathedral P1150103 P1150104
P1150105 P1150107 P1150108 P1150109
P1150110   From here on, the Templeton is a quick route back P1150111 P1150113 P1150115
P1150117 P1150118 P1150119 P1150121
P1150122 P1150123