Around Mescal Oct 15

A trail loop around Mescal from near the beginnnig of Long Canyon
PA070001   Stratoing from near Enchantment Resort, on a partly cloudy day PA070002 PA070004 PA070005
PA070006 PA070007 PA070009 PA070010
PA070011 PA070012 PA070013 PA070014   An old juniper
PA070015 PA070016 PA070017 PA070018
PA070019 PA070020 PA070021 PA070022
PA070023 PA070025 PA070026 PA070027
PA070028 PA070031 PA070032 PA070033
PA070034 PA070035 PA070036 PA070037
PA070038 PA070039 PA070040 PA070043
PA070044 PA070045 PA070047 PA070048   Coming around to the southwest side of Mescal...
PA070049 PA070050   ...where ocotillo cluster PA070051 PA070052
PA070053 PA070054 PA070055   On the right, the chute leading to the top of the mesa PA070056
PA070057 PA070058   Most hikers go over the top by climbing the other side and then coming down this chute PA070059 PA070060
PA070061 PA070062 PA070063 PA070064
PA070065 PA070066 PA070067 PA070068