Bear Mtn Jan 15

A direct ascent to the top of Bear Mountain.
P1080093   BEAR MOUNTAIN P1080094   This view is only the first of five false summits. P1080095   Some snow remains from  the New Year storm P1080096
P1080098 P1080099 P1080100 P1080102
P1080103 P1080104 P1080105 P1080106   We made first Bench!
P1080107 P1080108 P1080109 P1080110
P1080111 P1080112 P1080113 P1080114
P1080115 P1080116 P1080117 P1080118
P1080120 P1080125 P1080126 P1080130
P1080131 P1080133   We are now geting high on the mountain P1080134 P1080136
P1080137 P1080138 P1080139 P1080141
P1080143 P1080144 P1080146 P1080147
P1080148 P1080149 P1080150 P1080151
P1080152 P1080154   The upper end of Fay Canyon below. The mall burned area to the right of center was a recent plane crash that killed four. P1080157 P1080158   The real summit is before us at last
P1080159 P1080160   Looking south toward Mingus Mountain P1080162 P1080163
P1080164 P1080165 P1080166 P1080167
P1080169 P1080170 P1080171 P1080172
P1080173 P1080175   A deep canyon on the south side P1080178 P1080179
P1080180 P1080181 P1080182 P1080183
P1080184 P1080186 P1080187 P1080188
P1080189 P1080190 P1080192 P1080198
P1080199   We made it! This ledge faces west, with San Francisco Peaks in the background. P1080201 P1080202 P1080203
P1080204 P1080205 P1080206 P1080207
P1080208   Starting back... P1080209   These are lava xenoliths embedded in sandstone P1080210 P1080211
P1080213 P1080215 P1080217 P1080218
P1080219 P1080220 P1080222 P1080223
P1080225 P1080226 P1080228 P1080230
P1080231 P1080234 P1080235 P1080236
P1080237 P1080238