Bear Paw Nov 15

Up to the first bench on Bear Mountain, then leftto follow the ledges to the farthest point possible.
PB190114   BEAR PAW PB190116   Up onto First Bench.... PB190117 PB190118
PB190120 PB190121 PB190122 PB190124 tonemapped
PB190125 PB190126 PB190127 PB190128
PB190129 PB190130 PB190132   ...Then left along a series of coves and ledges PB190133
PB190134 PB190135 PB190137 PB190138 tonemapped
PB190139 PB190140 PB190142 PB190143
PB190144   The hoodoos PB190146 PB190147 PB190148
PB190149 PB190150 PB190151 PB190152   Brilliant lime-green lichen
PB190153 PB190154 PB190155 PB190156
PB190157 PB190158 PB190160 PB190161 tonemapped
PB190163   Climbing the ciwboy graffito rock PB190164   Nor sure how old this is, but it may go back to bootlegger days PB190165   Is this a genuine cowboy inscription from 1901? PB190166
PB190169 PB190170 PB190171   A short side trip down to see an eroded wall PB190172
PB190173 PB190175 PB190176 PB190178   Looking down at a possible ruin site
PB190179 PB190181 PB190182 PB190183 tonemapped
PB190185 PB190186 PB190187 PB190188
PB190189 PB190190   This chute is our evential destination, but from the other side of the rock. PB190191 PB190192
PB190194 PB190195 PB190197 PB190200 tonemapped
PB190202 tonemapped PB190203 tonemapped PB190204 PB190205
PB190207 PB190208 PB190210 PB190213
PB190214 PB190217 PB190219   Starting back, we pause to climb the saddle from the 'easy side'. PB190222   This light spot comes through a window high above
PB190224 tonemapped   Looking down toward the lunch site PB190226   The window PB190228 PB190230
PB190231 PB190232 PB190235   Look! By climbing thishigh ledge... PB190237
PB190239 tonemapped PB190240   It's possible to see the window at full size PB190241 PB190242
PB190243   From the position PB190245 PB190247 PB190248
PB190249 PB190252 PB190253 PB190254 tonemapped
PB190255 PB190256 PB190257 PB190258
PB190259 PB190261   Down from First Bench PB190262 PB190263
PB190264 PB190266 PB190267   And we're back.