Boynton Canyon Jan 15

Starting from the trailhead next to Enchantment
P1200002   BOYNTON CANYON P1200003 P1200004   A memorial bench built by a Sedona Westerner P1200005
P1200007 P1200008 P1200009 P1200010   First, edging past the Enchantment
P1200012 P1200014 P1200015 P1200016
P1200017   Boynton has numerous side canyons P1200018 P1200020 P1200022
P1200023 P1200024 P1200025   Near the end of the public trail, a steep climb P1200028   Composite of an alligator juniper
P1200030 P1200031 P1200033 P1200034
P1200036 P1200037   The recent sniw has meant persistent meltwater, which brings moss P1200038 P1200039
P1200040 P1200041   End of the public trail P1200042 P1200044
P1200047 P1200048 P1200049 P1200050
P1200051 P1200052 P1200053 P1200055
P1200056 P1200057 P1200058 P1200059
P1200061 P1200062 P1200063   This is as close to the end of the canyon as we can get P1200065
P1200066 P1200067 P1200068 P1200070
P1200072 P1200074 P1200075 P1200079
P1200080 P1200081 P1200083 P1200085
P1200087 P1200088 P1200089   An e-cigarette! P1200091
P1200092 P1200096 P1200098 P1200099
P1200101 P1200102 P1200106   Starting back P1200109
P1200110 P1200111 P1200112 P1200113
P1200117 P1200119 P1200120 P1200122
P1200123 P1200125 P1200126 P1200128
P1200130 P1200131 P1200133 P1200134
P1200135 P1200136