Brins Mesa Jan 15

Soon after a heavy New Year's Eve snowfall, up onto Brins Mesa to Mormon Overlook
P1060002   BRINS MESA P1060003 P1060004 P1060005
P1060007 P1060009 P1060010 P1060011
P1060013 P1060014 P1060015 P1060016
P1060017 P1060018 P1060021   Up on the mesa, we contemplate Brins Ridge, which is too snowy to climb today P1060022
P1060023 P1060024   An overenthusiastic agave P1060025 P1060026
P1060027 P1060028 P1060029   Mormon Overlook P1060030
P1060031 P1060032 P1060033   Looking south toward Cibola P1060034   Lee Mountain to the east
P1060038 P1060039 P1060040 P1060041
P1060042 P1060044 P1060045 P1060046
P1060048 P1060050 P1060053   Brins Ridge P1060054
P1060055 P1060056 P1060057 P1060058   This huge icicle forms when a daytime snowmelt pouroff freezes at night
P1060059 P1060060 P1060061 P1060062
P1060064 P1060066 P1060067 P1060068
P1060069 P1060071 P1060072 P1060073   Starting back...
P1060074 P1060075 P1060076   Note the small windows next to this spire P1060077
P1060078 P1060079 P1060080   Best view of the windows, halfway down the stairsteps from the mesa P1060081
P1060083 P1060084 P1060085 P1060086
P1060087 P1060088 P1060089 P1060090