Courthouse Ledges Dec 15

A climb of Courthouse Butte's south face and ledging along the midlevel on the Butte
PC100128   COURTHOUSE LEDGES PC100130   Starting from the Bell Rock trailhead PC100131 PC100133
PC100134 PC100135   Up onto the first bench through slippery loose rock PC100137 PC100138   Views of teh Village expand as we move up
PC100139 PC100140 PC100141   Coming aroundnarrow ledges to the next level PC100142
PC100143 PC100144 PC100145 tonemapped PC100146
PC100148   Then up the large chute on the left side of the southern face PC100149   Looking across SR 179 to Bell Rock and the Sisyers PC100150 tonemapped   ...and south to Village of Oak Creek PC100151
PC100152 PC100154 PC100156 PC100157   Up to the highest level
PC100158 PC100159 PC100160 PC100161
PC100162   Alomg the last level... PC100163 PC100165 PC100166
PC100168 PC100169 PC100170 PC100171
PC100172 PC100173 PC100174 PC100175 the last point before this level ledges out
PC100177 PC100179 PC100181 PC100182   A small pit house
PC100183 PC100184 PC100185 PC100186
PC100187   Coming atound from the last level (upper group) and entering the chute below me PC100188 PC100189 PC100190
PC100191 PC100192 PC100193 PC100195
PC100196 tonemapped PC100197 PC100198   A small alcove ruin, probably a watchpoint PC100200
PC100203 PC100204