Damfino Canyon Mar 15

This deep, narrow side canyon off the Munds Wagon Trail was reportedly called Damfino in response to the question, "Which canyon is this?"

It leads from behind to the saddle at the far end of Snoopy Rock, above the basin containing Submarine Rock and Marg's Draw.
P3050023   DAMFINO CANYON P3050024   Starting from the Huckaby trailhead along the Munds Wagon trail. P3050025 P3050027   The Mitten, where many hikes have taken place.
P3050028 P3050030 P3050031   We turn off into Damfino Canyon P3050032   In this deep, heavily shaded wash, still running after recent rain, there is plenty of moss and even a little ice
P3050033 P3050035 P3050036 P3050037
P3050039 P3050040 P3050041 P3050042
P3050043 P3050045 P3050046 P3050047
P3050049 P3050050 P3050051 P3050052   As we climb to the back of Snoopy Rock, the terrain gets wilder
P3050054 P3050056 P3050057 P3050060
P3050063 P3050064 P3050066 P3050067
P3050070 P3050071 P3050073   Huge boulders have fallen from the heights above P3050075
P3050077 P3050078 P3050079 P3050080   Mistletoe on a cypresss trunk
P3050081 P3050082 P3050083 P3050084
P3050085   We emerge onto the saddle P3050086 P3050087   On the other side, the failiar front basin containing Submarine Rock and Chicken Point P3050089
P3050090 P3050091 P3050092   A creosote bush? P3050093   What's this pink flower?
P3050095 P3050096   Looking across West Sedona, but no town in sight here P3050097 P3050099   We continue around the back of Snoopy Rock
P3050101 P3050102 P3050103 P3050104
P3050105 P3050106 P3050107 P3050108
P3050111 P3050112 P3050113   The Nuns, seen from the back P3050114
P3050115   Snoopy comes into view on the left P3050117 P3050118   Cockscomb and West Sedona now visible P3050119
P3050120 P3050121   A stop for lunch, not far from Submarine P3050122 P3050123
P3050124 P3050125 P3050126 P3050127
P3050128 P3050130 P3050131 P3050132
P3050133   Submarine Rock, with Chicken Point at top right P3050135 P3050136 P3050137
P3050138 P3050139 P3050140   Coming around to the front side of Snoopy Rock P3050141
P3050142 P3050143   We cross Schnebly Hill Rd P3050144   ...And we're back