Damfino Crimson Cliffs Nov 15

A short but steep hike up a series of deep washes from the Munds Wagon trail to the saddle overlooking the Chicken Point / Submarine Rock basin, then back around the south side of Snoopy Rock
PB120002   DAMFINO - CRIMSON CLIFFS PB120003   After a short distance on the Mund Wagon Trail from Huckaby trailhead, it's off to the right into Damfino Canyon PB120006 PB120007
PB120008   Down into two large washes, and across PB120009 PB120011 PB120012
PB120013 PB120015 PB120017 PB120019
PB120020 PB120021 tonemapped PB120022 PB120023
PB120024 PB120025 tonemapped PB120026 PB120027 tonemapped
PB120028 PB120030 PB120031 PB120032 tonemapped
PB120034 PB120035 PB120036 PB120037
PB120039 PB120040 PB120041 PB120043
PB120044 PB120047 tonemapped PB120048 PB120049
PB120050 PB120052 PB120053 PB120054
PB120055 PB120056 tonemapped PB120058 PB120060
PB120061 PB120063 PB120064 PB120066   We emerge onto a saddle looking across into the bowl behind Chicken Point/Broekn Arrow
PB120068 PB120071 PB120072 PB120074
PB120075 tonemapped PB120076 PB120077 PB120078 tonemapped
PB120079 PB120080 tonemapped   Down into the bowl, over low ridges PB120081 PB120082   ...To a good lookout ledge
PB120083 PB120084 PB120085 PB120086
PB120087 tonemapped PB120088 PB120089   Our resident geologist finds fossilized shrimp burrows, from an ancient coastline PB120090
PB120091 PB120093 PB120094   Multicolored lichens PB120095
PB120096 PB120097 tonemapped   Back through the cedar forest to the ledge below the saddle PB120098 PB120099
PB120100 PB120101 PB120102   This leads us around the west side of Snoopy back to the trailhead PB120105
PB120106 PB120107 tonemapped PB120109 PB120110
PB120111   Apple cider for all!