Deadman Heights Mar 15

A small canyon parallel to Long and Boynton Canyons
P3310003   DEADMAN HEIGHTS P3310005   A small canyon to the left of Long Canyon P3310006 P3310007
P3310008 P3310009 P3310010 P3310011
P3310012 P3310013 P3310014   Seven Canyons resort and golf course P3310015
P3310016 P3310017 P3310018 P3310019
P3310020 P3310022 P3310023 P3310024   There are four ruins in the area
P3310025 P3310026 P3310029 P3310030
P3310033 P3310034 P3310035 P3310036
P3310037 P3310039 P3310040 P3310041
P3310042   Mescal Mountain P3310043 P3310047   The deep alcoves in this canyon are perfect places for cliff houses P3310048
P3310050   How far can we take this ledge? P3310053 P3310054 P3310056
P3310057 P3310059 P3310060 P3310061
P3310062 P3310063   Rock art: A positive and a negative hand P3310064 P3310065
P3310066 P3310068 P3310069 P3310070
P3310072 P3310073 P3310075 P3310076
P3310077 P3310079 P3310080 P3310081
P3310082 P3310083   Huge blocks fall from the canyon rim P3310084 P3310085
P3310086   The Indian paintbrush is out P3310087 P3310088 P3310089
P3310090 P3310091 P3310092 P3310094
P3310095 P3310096 P3310097 P3310098
P3310100 P3310102 P3310103 P3310104
P3310108 P3310109 P3310110 P3310112   This small piece of rock has tiny fossil lizard footprints
P3310115   "Museuming" shards on exposed rock is discoraged because it takes shards out of context and promotes theft P3310116 P3310117 P3310120
P3310122 P3310124 P3310125 P3310126
P3310127 P3310128 P3310129 P3310131   Time for lunch
P3310133 P3310136 P3310137 P3310138
P3310139 P3310140 P3310141