Devils Door Mar 15

Chuckwagon Trail to Devil's Bridge, then up a parallel canyon on the same side
P3260001   DEVIL'S DOOR P3260003   From the Long Canyon roadside trailhead, looking toward Soldier Heights P3260004 P3260005   First, a complex of short trails leading toward Forest Road 252
P3260006 P3260007 P3260008 P3260009
P3260011 P3260012   FR 152 at the Devil's Bridge intersection P3260013 P3260014   This heavily traveled trail leads up above the arch
P3260015 P3260016 P3260017 P3260018
P3260020 P3260021   Atop Devil's Bridge P3260023 P3260024   The view from on top
P3260026 P3260028   At one end of the arch, a huge crack separates it from the mountain P3260029 P3260030   Spring flowers are out
P3260031 P3260032   A large-trunked manzanita P3260034 P3260035
P3260037   Devil's Bridge attracts tourists of all ages P3260038 P3260039 P3260040   After Devil's Bridge, we start up a parallel canyon
P3260041 P3260042 P3260043 P3260044
P3260045 P3260046 P3260047 P3260048
P3260049 P3260052   At the end of the canyon, a pause to eat P3260053   Above us, a small but well preserved ruin P3260054
P3260056 P3260057 P3260058 P3260059
P3260060 P3260061 P3260063 P3260064
P3260065 P3260066 P3260067 P3260068   Climbing to see the moki steps
P3260070 P3260071   Holes in the sandstone produced by erosion. P3260073 P3260074
P3260075 P3260076 P3260077 P3260078
P3260079   These moki steps lead from to the Soldier Heights trail, from which the ruin can be glimpsed briefly. P3260081 P3260082 P3260083
P3260084 P3260085   Desert varnish flows down the walls P3260086 P3260087
P3260088 P3260089 P3260090 P3260091
P3260092 P3260093 P3260094 P3260095
P3260096 P3260097 P3260098