Grandmas Cave Sep 15

This large cave is just below the rim about a mile from the top of the Harding Spring trail.
P9030050   GRANDMA'S CAVE P9030051   The trail begins across from Cave Springs campground P9030052   First, we follow the steep but well-marked public trail to the Rim P9030053
P9030054 P9030055 P9030056 P9030057
P9030058 P9030059 P9030060 P9030061
P9030062   This is a fresh fall over the summer P9030063 P9030064   Across rollowing meadow and forest to a rocky ridge... P9030065
P9030066 P9030067 P9030069 P9030070
P9030071 P9030072 P9030073 P9030074   A particularly large mullein
P9030075   Lush growth this summer makes travel difficult P9030076 P9030077   Along the ridge tothe cave turnoff P9030078
P9030079 P9030080 P9030082 P9030083
P9030085 P9030086   The cave entrance, and time for lunch P9030087 P9030088   Coming out of the cave
P9030089 P9030090 P9030092 P9030094
P9030096 P9030098   We start back up the right side of the cave, easy at first... P9030099   But then through a manzanita thicket P9030101
P9030102 P9030103 P9030105 P9030106