Hangover Slot Mar 15

This "wrong way" hike of Mitten begins with a direct climb up to the outrun end of the Hangover Trail via Munds Wagon Trail from the Huckaby trailhead, then up Hangover to the Mitten saddle and directly back through the slot below the saddle.
P3190001   HANGOVER SLOT Starting up the Munds Wagon trail P3190002   An overcast day, with rain predicted by early afternoon P3190003   Views of Uptown Sedona as we climb P3190004
P3190005   The public trail runs up a wash an crosses the road several times P3190006 P3190007 P3190008
P3190009 P3190010   This is what we're about to climb P3190011 P3190012
P3190014   Already seeing the first spring flowers P3190015 P3190017 P3190018
P3190019 P3190021 P3190022   We climb the ledgy area toward Hangover Trail P3190023
P3190024 P3190026   As we join Hangover, the weather turns darker P3190027 P3190028
P3190029 P3190030 P3190031 P3190032
P3190033 P3190034 P3190035 P3190036
P3190037 P3190040 P3190041 P3190042
P3190043 P3190044   Large-trunked manzanita P3190045 P3190046
P3190047   After Hangover, we emerge into the large drainage bowl facing Midgely Bridge P3190048 P3190049   Mitten, from the saddle P3190050
P3190051 P3190052 P3190053   Because there's already a rumble of thunder, we don't stay. P3190054   Down the other side of the saddle, but directly doqwn, rather than on the main trail
P3190055 P3190057 P3190058 P3190059
P3190060 P3190061   From the end of this point, a steep slot opens up to our left P3190062   Schnebly Hill Road P3190063
P3190064 P3190065 P3190066 P3190067
P3190068 P3190069 P3190072 P3190073
P3190074 P3190075 P3190076 P3190077
P3190078 P3190079   Back down again! P3190080   Worm casts on the bank of the big wash P3190082   Heading back on the Munds Wagon traul
P3190083 P3190084 P3190087 P3190088
P3190089 P3190090   The rain arrives, just as we get back