Horse Mesa Feb 15

Up onto Horse Mesa from the Jacks Canyon trailhead
P2260001   HORSE MESA P2260002   The weather has been rainy, so mud is predicted for today P2260003 P2260005   Starting out on the Jacks Canyon trail, we encounter evicnce of the Barranca Fire.
P2260006 P2260007   An old home renovated P2260008 P2260009
P2260011 P2260013 P2260014   We leave the public trail at a place where rocky outcroppings on the side of the mesa give us a path up the slope P2260015   Cathedral Rock comes into view
P2260016   Looking at Village of Oak Creek, from Castle Rock to the south P2260018   THe upper end of Jacks Canyon P2260019 P2260020
P2260021 P2260022 P2260023 P2260025
P2260026 P2260028   On top of the mesa, a good break spot P2260029 P2260030   We set off across the mesa
P2260031   Approaching the Fortress P2260033   This Sinagua ruin is a large pit house and fortification which may have been added to by the Apaches in their mis-19th century battle with General Crook P2260034 P2260035   The pictograph panel
P2260036 P2260038 P2260039   Potsherds have been freshly exposed by the rain P2260040
P2260041   Multiple lichen species on one rock face P2260042 P2260043   A hole for firing arrows through the wall P2260044   On the Woods Canyon wall, a granary
P2260046   Both Dry Beaver Creek and Rattlesnake Canyon, normally dry, are running P2260047 P2260048 P2260049   Pit houses
P2260050 P2260051 P2260053 P2260055
P2260056 P2260057 P2260060 P2260061
P2260062 P2260064 P2260065 P2260066
P2260068 P2260069   The 'main gate' in the fortification wall P2260070 P2260071   This small, soft growth was unique in the piled rocks
P2260073 P2260075 P2260076   An ancient lava flow weathering into columnar basalt. This was a major source of rock for the Fortress P2260077
P2260078 P2260079   Elk scat. We saw sign of large elk in the area. P2260080   Fallen juniper berries P2260081   Heading back across the mesa
P2260083 P2260084 P2260085   Two beatifully symmetric miniature cacti P2260086   Back on the Village of Oak Creek side
P2260087   And down the fromt of the mesa P2260089 P2260091   Rabbit Ears P2260092
P2260093 P2260094 P2260095 P2260096