Long Canyon Dec 15

Up Long Canyon to the amphitheater and large caves, via east-side ledges
PC010001   LONG CANYON PC010003   First, a long sandy trail past  Seven Canyons Resort PC010004 PC010005
PC010006 PC010007 tonemapped PC010008 tonemapped PC010009 tonemapped
PC010010 PC010011 PC010014 PC010015   This is where we make our right turn
PC010016   A small ruin PC010017 PC010019 PC010020
PC010022 PC010023 PC010024 PC010025
PC010026   Halfway up the canyon wall, pause for a snack PC010027 PC010028   Looking up above the alcove PC010029
PC010030   On top of the alcove, great views PC010031 PC010032 PC010033
PC010035 PC010036 PC010037 PC010038
PC010039   Looking toward Ice Cream Cone PC010042 PC010043 tonemapped PC010045   Looking toward the upper end of the canyon, where we head next
PC010046   Climbing to a new level PC010048 PC010049 PC010050   Below us, the bootlegger caves, our next target
PC010053 PC010054   Giant manzanita PC010055 tonemapped   Coming around the end of a wash PC010056
PC010057 PC010058 PC010059 tonemapped PC010060   Barrel staves left by Prohibition boootleggers
PC010061 PC010073 PC010078   After the caves, we head up to another new level, as the canyon floor rises PC010079
PC010080 PC010081 PC010083 PC010084   The head of the canyon comes into sight, with its large dual alcove
PC010085 PC010086 PC010088   This is a good place for lunch PC010089
PC010090 PC010093 PC010095 PC010096
PC010097 PC010098 PC010099 PC010100
PC010101 PC010102   A lot of chaotic broken rock fallen from the ceiling here PC010104   This rock layer captures the"negative" of a fossilized beach adjoining it underneath PC010105
PC010107 tonemapped PC010109 PC010111 PC010112
PC010118 PC010119 PC010121   Moki steps lead up a level PC010122
PC010123 PC010124 PC010125 PC010126
PC010131 PC010133 PC010134 PC010135
PC010136 PC010138 PC010141 PC010142
PC010143 PC010146 PC010147 PC010149
PC010152 PC010153 PC010155 PC010156
PC010158 tonemapped PC010159   Bac on the public trail, surrounded by cedars PC010160 tonemapped PC010162