Lost Wilson Loop Apr 15

This hike normally started on FR 252 at the Brins Mesa trailhead. Because of the poor condition of 252, we started from Jordan Road, hiked across the top of the mesa to the trailhead on 252, crossed behind the mesa and across the front of Lost Wilson by the intended trail, up onto Brins Mesa, and then back to Jordan on the public trail
P4160097   LOST WILSON LOOP P4160098   First, we climb Brins Mesa from the Jordan trailhead P4160100 P4160101
P4160102 P4160103 P4160105 P4160106
P4160107   On top, crossing the mesa. This is Brins Ridge from the side, looking across West Sedona. P4160108 P4160109   Break on the high point of the mesa near the back side P4160110
P4160111 P4160112 P4160113 P4160114
P4160115 P4160116   Down the back side of the mesa toward FR 252 P4160117 P4160118
P4160121 P4160122 P4160123 P4160124   At the FR 152 intersection, we turn toward Lost Wilson...
P4160125 P4160126 P4160127   ...circling the back of the mesa P4160129
P4160130 P4160131 P4160132 P4160133
P4160134 P4160135 P4160137 P4160138
P4160140   The manzanita gets thicker P4160141 P4160142   Lost Wilson comes into view P4160143
P4160144   Through a cypress forest P4160145 P4160146 P4160147
P4160148 P4160149   Starting up the mountain P4160150 P4160152
P4160153 P4160155   Older yucca go into bloom this time of year, with these stems shooting up one foot a day. P4160157 P4160158   A series of steep, brushy washes leading up the side of Lost Wilson
P4160159 P4160160 P4160161 P4160162   Giant manzanita
P4160163   After climbing out of a deep canyon in the side of Lost Wilson, we have to climb high to get around its headwall P4160164 P4160165 P4160167
P4160168 P4160169 P4160171 P4160173
P4160174 P4160175 P4160176 P4160177
P4160178 P4160179 P4160180   On this level, we can cross around the mountain P4160182
P4160183 P4160185 P4160186 P4160187
P4160188 P4160190 P4160192 P4160193   Penstemon are in bloom
P4160194 P4160195 P4160196 P4160197
P4160198 P4160199 P4160200 P4160201   Now we have passed the head of the canyon on the mountain
P4160202 P4160204 P4160205 P4160206
P4160208 P4160209 P4160210 P4160211
P4160212 P4160213 P4160214 P4160215
P4160216 P4160218 P4160219   These spires on Lost Wilson are visible only from this trail P4160220
P4160221 P4160222 P4160223 P4160224   The weather deteriorates...
P4160225   Now we cross around to Brins Mesa P4160226   The Brins burn zone P4160227 P4160228
P4160229 P4160230 P4160232   A small canyon cutting into the mesa P4160234   We climb the backside of the mesa about midway between Mormon Overlook and the cross-mesa trail
P4160235   Back to the public ttrail... P4160236   ...and return down the front of Brins Mesa. These are the windows visible near the top. P4160237 P4160238