Loy Butte Feb 15

From the Honanki trailhead, a climb of Loy Butte
P2190128   LOY BUTTE P2190129 P2190130 P2190133   A private ranch at the mouth of Loy Canyon
P2190134   A very old juniper tree P2190135   The landmark for turning off to go up the Butte P2190136 P2190138
P2190139 P2190140   There is a lot of cross-bedded sandstone on the butte P2190141 P2190142   Climbing a narrow chute
P2190143   Here is a great example of geologic discontinuity P2190144 P2190145   Looking toward the mouth of Loy Canyon P2190146   Across...
P2190147   ...And up the canyon P2190148 P2190151   A hedgehog cactus P2190152
P2190153 P2190154 P2190155 P2190157
P2190158 P2190159 P2190160 P2190161
P2190162 P2190163   A plastered wall P2190165 P2190167
P2190168 P2190169   This was a good defensive position P2190171 P2190172
P2190174 P2190175 P2190178 P2190179
P2190180   A ceiling at the ruins site P2190181 P2190182   Some potsherds P2190183
P2190184   Heading toward the saddle P2190185 P2190186 P2190189
P2190190 P2190193 P2190194 P2190195
P2190196 P2190197 P2190198 P2190199   Permian reptile tracks
P2190202 P2190203 P2190204 P2190206
P2190207 P2190210 P2190211 P2190212
P2190213 P2190214   Up on the saddle P2190215 P2190216
P2190218   Down the front side of the butte, toward Honanki P2190219 P2190220   This wall was probably built by ranchers as a shelter P2190222
P2190224 P2190226 P2190227 P2190229
P2190230 P2190231 P2190232   Above Honanki, on the south end of the butte P2190233
P2190234 P2190236 P2190238   A good spot for lunch P2190239   This bright lichen is everywhere
P2190241 P2190243 P2190244 P2190246   This red lichen is much less common
P2190248 P2190249   Heading back P2190250 P2190251
P2190253 P2190255 P2190256 P2190258
P2190259 P2190260 P2190262 P2190263
P2190264   Down the big chutes P2190266 P2190267 P2190270
P2190271 P2190275 P2190276 P2190277
P2190278   Back at the bottom P2190279 P2190280 P2190281   We vote our leader "number 1"