Mayan Maiden Apr 15

A complex series of small canyons and alcoves next to Village of Oak Creek, in many cases just a short distance from houses
P4090001   MAYAN MAIDEN P4090003   We start on the south side of Verde valley School Road this time P4090004   A climb of two small knolls with views P4090005   Lots of spring flowers today
P4090006 P4090007 P4090008 P4090009
P4090010 P4090011 P4090013 P4090014   Both hills require a scramble up narrow chutes
P4090016 P4090018 P4090019 P4090020
P4090021 P4090022 P4090023 P4090024
P4090026 P4090029 P4090030 P4090031
P4090032   The view from the second knoll P4090033 P4090036 P4090037
P4090038 P4090040   On the north side of VVS, we climb a series of small canyons toward the Hiline Trail P4090041 P4090042
P4090043 P4090044 P4090045 P4090046   A view of horse properies in the western part of the Village of oak Creek
P4090047 P4090048 P4090050   At this picturesque view point, a memorial P4090051   Looking out toward Cathedral Rock
P4090052 P4090053 P4090054 P4090055
P4090057 P4090061 P4090063 P4090064
P4090066 P4090067 P4090068 P4090069
P4090071   This brings us to a good snack spot P4090073 P4090074 P4090075
P4090076 P4090077 P4090078 P4090079
P4090080 P4090081 P4090082 P4090083
P4090085 P4090086 P4090088   This scour hole forms when the wash runs and water swirls after a drop P4090090
P4090091 P4090092 P4090094 P4090096
P4090098   Each small canyon converges to a slot at its upper end P4090100 P4090101 P4090102
P4090103 P4090104 P4090105 P4090106
P4090107 P4090108 P4090109 P4090110
P4090111 P4090113   This overlook cove is not far from Bell Rock Plaza P4090114   Lunch, with a view of the Village P4090115
P4090116 P4090117 P4090118 P4090120
P4090121 P4090123 P4090124   A mano and potsherds are hidden here, to be brought out when hikers come by P4090126
P4090127 P4090128 P4090131 P4090133
P4090134 P4090136 P4090137 P4090139
P4090141 P4090142   The Mayan Maiden P4090143 P4090144   The pioneer dam
P4090145 P4090148   This modernistic design was probably made by a Village artist in pioneer times. P4090149 P4090150