Mescal Mtn Dec 15

A climb over the mesa near the entrance to Long Canyon and down a steep chute on the west face, followed by a ledge traverse tothe south side of the mesa and return on a different public trail.
PC310001   MESCAL MOUNTAIN This puddle at the main parking entrance is hard frozen today PC310002   Looking up Long Canyon, the direction we are headed first PC310003 PC310004
PC310006 PC310007   We reach the Mescal turnoff and start to climb PC310009 PC310010
PC310012 PC310014 PC310015 tonemapped PC310016   Up on top of the mesa's lower level
PC310017 PC310018 PC310019   Our goal today is to stay below the uppermost level, but cross the saddle and go to a point off to the left PC310020
PC310021 PC310022 PC310023 PC310024
PC310025 PC310026 PC310027 PC310028 tonemapped
PC310029 PC310030 PC310032 PC310033 tonemapped   Pringle's manzanita
PC310034 tonemapped PC310035 PC310037 PC310038 tonemapped
PC310039 PC310040 PC310041   We can now look down on the west side, where we will be descending PC310042
PC310043 PC310044 PC310045 PC310046
PC310047 PC310049 tonemapped PC310050 PC310051
PC310052   View from the southern tip of Mescal PC310053 PC310054 PC310057
PC310059 PC310062   Starting down the big chute on the west side PC310063 PC310064
PC310065 PC310066 PC310069 PC310071
PC310072 PC310073   Now we are on the right level to traverse south, but first a look north PC310074 PC310075   The chute from below
PC310076 PC310077 PC310078   Working our way along the ledges PC310079   Dormant moss, that comes to life only after rains
PC310080 PC310081 PC310083 PC310084
PC310085 PC310086 PC310087 PC310088   At the south end, public trails loop us back to the start