Mitten Ridge Dec 15

A climb of the spectacular quarter-circle ridge on Schnebly Hill Road near the top of the hill, via the Hangover Trail
PC030163   MITTEN RIDGE PC030164   Like so many hikes this season, this one starts from the end of pavement on Schebly Hill PC030165   Mitten Ridge PC030166   The Bear Wallow wash beside the road is a series of huge waterfall-carved stairsteps
PC030169 PC030170 PC030171   Takeoff point for Hangover Trail PC030172 tonemapped
PC030173 tonemapped PC030174 PC030175 PC030176
PC030178 PC030181 PC030183 PC030184
PC030185 tonemapped PC030186 PC030188 PC030189
PC030190 PC030191 PC030192 tonemapped   Now we climb this wall, angling left PC030193
PC030194 PC030195 PC030196 PC030197 tonemapped
PC030198   ...To the saddle in the distance PC030199   Looking down canyon PC030200 PC030201
PC030203 PC030204 PC030206   On top of the ridge, visitors have protected this tiny cactus from weather PC030207
PC030208   This is a good lunch spot, with views both sides PC030210   Looking west over Midgley Bridge PC030211 PC030213
PC030214 PC030215 PC030217 tonemapped PC030218
PC030219 PC030220   Returning on the other side, on the portion of the Hangover that goes around this peak PC030221   These are where the trail gets its name PC030222
PC030224 PC030225 PC030226 PC030227
PC030228 PC030229 PC030230 PC030231
PC030232 PC030233 PC030234 PC030235   Coming around to the sunny side of the peak
PC030236 PC030237 PC030238 PC030239
PC030241 PC030242 PC030243 PC030244   Now we go down the east side of the formation
PC030245 PC030247 PC030248 PC030249
PC030250   ...Rejoining Munds Wagon Trail PC030251 PC030252 tonemapped PC030253 tonemapped
PC030256   Mule deer browsing PC030257 PC030258 PC030259
PC030260 PC030262