Pyramids and Polygons Mar 15

From a point on Upper Loop Rd about two miles below the high school.
P3100001   PYRAMIDS AND POLYGONS P3100003 P3100004   The initial climb is the steepest, up the Pyramid hill onto a long ridge P3100005
P3100006 P3100007   From high on the Pyramid, looking across lower west Sedona to Cathedral Rock P3100008 P3100009
P3100010 P3100011 P3100012   Up onto the Fort Apache limestone P3100014
P3100015 P3100016 P3100017 P3100018
P3100019   Looking back at Red Rock High P3100020 P3100021 P3100022   Some ocotillo are almost ready to blooom
P3100023 P3100024 P3100025 P3100026
P3100027 P3100028 P3100029 P3100031
P3100032 P3100033 P3100034 P3100035
P3100036 P3100038   A hawk circles over us P3100039   Our first sight of tesselated pavement, limestone polygons on sandstone P3100040   back algae growing in this seep is very slippery!
P3100041 P3100042 P3100043 P3100044
P3100046 P3100047 P3100048 P3100049
P3100050 P3100051   A scour pool, formed by water eddying after a drop P3100052 P3100053
P3100054 P3100056 P3100057 P3100058
P3100059 P3100060 P3100061 P3100062
P3100063 P3100064 P3100065 P3100066
P3100067 P3100068 P3100069 P3100070
P3100071 P3100072 P3100073 P3100074
P3100076   Our second polygon field, a good place for lunch P3100078 P3100080 P3100081
P3100083 P3100084   Back by  way of the ledges P3100085 P3100086   There is a swallow's nest in this crack
P3100087 P3100088