Secret and Bear Sign Canyons Dec 15

Up Secret Canyon to the Miller Trail, then returning down Bear Sign Canyon
PC080001   SECRET AND BEAR SIGN CANYONS PC080004 tonemapped   After parking at the Bear Sign trailhead, we walk back on FR 152 to the Secret Canyon trailhead PC080005 PC080006
PC080007   At the Secret Canyon trailhead PC080008 tonemapped PC080009 PC080010
PC080012   Wter remains from last week's rain PC080013 PC080015 PC080017
PC080018   ...And even ice PC080019 PC080020 PC080021
PC080023 PC080024 PC080026 PC080027
PC080030 PC080032 PC080033 PC080034
PC080035 PC080036 tonemapped   Pringle's manzanita can have foot-thick trunks PC080037 PC080038
PC080039 tonemapped PC080040 PC080041 PC080042   Farther into Secret Canyon, rarely hiked today because of the access road's poor condition
PC080043 PC080044 PC080045 PC080047
PC080048   The connector trail between the two canyons is named after a young USFS ranger who disappeared while hiking this area PC080049 PC080050 PC080053
PC080054 PC080055   A ponderosa PC080056 PC080057
PC080058   Now to climb the steep connectiung ridge PC080059 PC080061 PC080062
PC080064 PC080065 PC080066 PC080067
PC080068 PC080069 tonemapped   Looking back toward West Side PC080070   The highest point is a good lunch spot PC080071
PC080072 PC080074 PC080075 PC080076
PC080077 PC080079 PC080080   Starting dow into Bear Sign Canyon PC080081
PC080084   A rare bush PC080085 tonemapped   Bear Sign Canyon. Douglas fir grows here, in this spot sheltered from summer heat. PC080086 tonemapped PC080087 tonemapped
PC080088 PC080089   Lower down, dense picket-fence forest PC080091 PC080092
PC080093 PC080094 PC080095 PC080096
PC080097   An oak gall PC080098 PC080099 tonemapped PC080101
PC080102 PC080105   Rain has brought out the green moss PC080106 PC080109
PC080110 tonemapped PC080111 tonemapped PC080113 PC080114
PC080116 PC080117 PC080118 PC080119
PC080120 PC080122 PC080123 PC080124
PC080125 tonemapped PC080126 PC080127   And we're back at the Bear Sign entrace