South Wilson North Wilson Nov 15

From the Midgley Bridge trailhead up South Wilson Trail, across the first bench on Wilson, then down North WIlson Trail to Encinoso Campground
PB240001   SOUTH WILSON NORTH WILSON PB240003   The Midgley trailhead PB240004 PB240006
PB240008   As we rise above Wilson Canyon, the views widen PB240009 PB240011 PB240014
PB240015 PB240016 PB240017 PB240019
PB240020 PB240021 PB240022   The South WIlson side is open and has few trees. Looking across into Oak Creek Canyon. PB240023
PB240024   The ridge is capped with basalt, representing an ancient lava flow PB240025   As is Wilson Mountain itself PB240026 tonemapped PB240027   Loking west at the back of Steamboat Rock
PB240028 tonemapped PB240029 PB240030 tonemapped PB240031   Now we can see across Steamboat into Uptown
PB240033 PB240035 PB240036 PB240037   This lava bomb was ejected from an eruption higher up
PB240039   A chance encounter with old friends and their poodle PB240041 tonemapped PB240043 PB240044   Now we crosss the top of the bench to North WIlson Trail
PB240045 PB240046 PB240047   This fork is the trail to the top of Wilson PB240049
PB240050 PB240052 PB240053 PB240054
PB240055 PB240058   The eruption point for all this lava PB240059   On the shaded north side, some snow still persists PB240060   We can now see up Oak Creek Canyon
PB240061 PB240063 PB240065 PB240066
PB240068 PB240069 PB240070 PB240071
PB240073 PB240074 PB240075 PB240077
PB240078 PB240079 tonemapped PB240080 PB240081   Right at the end, we see exposed limestone in an arch across the canyon
PB240082   Encinoso Campground