Steamboat Rock Apr 15

A classic slickrock climb on the huge bare rock behind Sedona. Includes a final side trip up Wilson Canyon for lunch.
P4140001   STEAMBOAT ROCK P4140003   This is our goal, high on the rock near the small spire in the center P4140004   Starting out on the Jim Thompson trail P4140005
P4140006   ...Shortly into the trail, a direct rock climb of Steamboat P4140008 P4140009   Up P4140010
P4140011 P4140012 P4140013 P4140014
P4140015 P4140016 P4140018 P4140019   Midgley Bridge and our parking area come into view as we near the top of the rock
P4140020 P4140021   We climb to just under the spire, then head right P4140023 P4140024
P4140025   In the process, we climb to the Fort Apache Layer P4140026   ...which is the chocolate brown layer near teh base of the right spire P4140027 P4140028
P4140030   In the saddle, an overlook of Uptown Sedona P4140031 P4140032 P4140034
P4140035 P4140036 P4140037 P4140038   Homeycomb weathering of the spire sandstone is visible in the center of this frame
P4140039   Looking back toward the Midgley P4140040   A break on top of the Fort Apache, which weathers out of the surrounding sandstone P4140041 P4140043   View of the Layer across to the adjacent spires. It's the same layer we are sitting on here.
P4140044 P4140045 P4140046 P4140047   A small ruin
P4140048 P4140049 P4140050 P4140051
P4140052 P4140053 P4140055 P4140056
P4140057   Starting down... P4140059 P4140060 P4140062
P4140064 P4140065 P4140066 P4140067
P4140068 P4140069 P4140070 P4140071
P4140072   Back on the Ji, Thompson, headed toward Wilson Canyon P4140073 P4140074 P4140075
P4140076 P4140077 P4140078 P4140079
P4140080   Lunch at the end of Wilson P4140081 P4140082 P4140083
P4140086 P4140087 P4140088 P4140089
P4140090 P4140091 P4140092 P4140094