The Fin Feb 15

From the Jordan trailhead above Uptown Sedona to Mormon Overlook and then the Fin.
P2120001   THE FIN P2120003   We first make our way up onto Brins Mesa and head for Mormon Overlook P2120004 P2120005
P2120006   The sandstone steps P2120007 P2120008 P2120009
P2120010   The window that opens up in the distance as we reach the three-quarters point P2120011   On top of the Mesa! P2120013 P2120014   This seems to be a rescue landing zone
P2120015   At Mormon Overlook P2120016   A view of Uptown P2120017 P2120018
P2120019 P2120020 P2120021 P2120022
P2120023 P2120025 P2120026 P2120028
P2120029 P2120030 P2120031 P2120032
P2120033   Fluorescent yellow lichen P2120034 P2120035 P2120037
P2120038   Heading back to the Brins Mesa trail, an unusual agave P2120039 P2120040 P2120041
P2120043 P2120044   As we head down off the Mesa, the Fin is before us P2120045   Leaving the main trail... P2120046
P2120047   Through a cypress-forested wash P2120048 P2120050 P2120051
P2120052 P2120053 P2120054 P2120056   And up onto the Fin
P2120057 P2120059 P2120060 P2120061
P2120062 P2120063   A good place for lunch as we near the foot of the vertical part P2120064 P2120066
P2120068   Onward along this ledge line P2120069 P2120071 P2120072
P2120073   The west side the Fin P2120074 P2120075 P2120076
P2120078 P2120080 P2120081   The last hikers following us P2120082
P2120083 P2120084 P2120085 P2120086   Looking toward town along the west side, with Chimney Rock visible in the background
P2120088 P2120089   Starting down off the highest ledge level, through a chute P2120090 P2120091
P2120095   A narrow ledge takes us to the top of the second chute P2120096 P2120098   Boots don't fail me now... P2120100
P2120101   The second chute P2120102 P2120103 P2120104
P2120105   This one is relatively easy P2120107   But now to come down a loose rockpile into the third chute P2120108 P2120109   The 'over-under tree', which is usually passed by crossing under its largest root
P2120111 P2120114 P2120115 P2120116   THis brings us to a steep, rocky wash
P2120117   A really large juniper P2120120 P2120122 P2120124
P2120125 P2120126   A final look back at the Fin P2120093 P2120094