Three Flagstaff Trails Jul 15

Short hikes from different places in the area: Crater Lake, Bismark Lake, Veit Spring.
P7080001   3 FLAGSTAFF TRAILS First, we head for Crater Lake P7080003   Lupine is in bloom P7080004   The trail is a former jeep road P7080005
P7080006 P7080007 P7080008   A female elk P7080010   This intermittent pond is on porous lave, so the water disappears quickly
P7080011   But the volcanic soil has produced lushness P7080013 P7080015   Mountain phlox P7080016
P7080018 P7080020 P7080022 P7080023
P7080024 P7080025 P7080027 P7080028   Time for a break
P7080029 P7080030 P7080031   There is still one small patch of snow on the San Francisco Peaks P7080033
P7080035 P7080036 P7080037 P7080038   Our second trail is Bismark Lake. This is the old ranch fence at the trailhead.
P7080039 P7080040 P7080045   Mating butterflies P7080046
P7080047 P7080049 P7080050   The lake is reached across a broad meadow P7080051   This is the lake when full
P7080052 P7080053   Right now, early in monsoon, there is not much water P7080054 P7080056
P7080057 P7080060   What insect is this? P7080063 P7080064
P7080065 P7080068   Here are the designated lunch rocks P7080069 P7080071
P7080072 P7080074 P7080076 P7080077
P7080080 P7080081   Our third trail os Veit Sprinhg, halfway up the Snow Bowl access road P7080082 P7080083
P7080084 P7080085 P7080086 P7080088
P7080090 P7080091 P7080093 P7080094
P7080096 P7080097