Around Cathedral Jan 16

A circumnavigation of Seven Sisters and Cathedral Rock, starting from Yavapai Vista
P1120001   AROUND CATHEDRAL P1120002 P1120003   Looking across Hwy 179 toward Lee Mountain P1120004   Climbing Seven Sisters
P1120007 P1120008 P1120009 P1120010   Alomg the front side of the Sisters
P1120011 P1120012 P1120014 P1120015   Ripe juniper berries
P1120016 P1120017 P1120018 P1120019   Coming around to the west side of the Sisters, looking at Verde Valley School
P1120020 tonemapped P1120021 P1120022   Crossing the saddle to Cathedral Rock P1120023
P1120024 P1120025 P1120027 P1120028
P1120029 P1120030 P1120031 P1120034
P1120035   The steepest part of the descent is wet and icy from recent snow... P1120036 P1120037 P1120038
P1120039 P1120041 P1120042 P1120044
P1120045 P1120046   Along Oak Creek.... P1120049 P1120053
P1120054 P1120056 P1120058 P1120059
P1120060 P1120061 P1120062 P1120063
P1120064 P1120065 P1120066 Back O' Beyond P1120067   Then return on the Templeton Trail
P1120068 tonemapped P1120069 P1120070 P1120071
P1120073 P1120074 P1120075 P1120076
P1120077   Back at Yavapai Vista, a last look at our muddy boots