Bear Mountain Feb 15

A climb of all five benches to the top of this prominent peak on Sedona's west side
P2040058   BEAR MOUNTAIN P2040059   Heading up to First Bench P2040061 P2040062   First Bench, looking at the second
P2040063 P2040064 P2040065 P2040066   Heading for Third...
P2040067 P2040068   The summit is now in sight, but we have to go down a little first P2040071 P2040072   Looking across to Mingus
P2040073 P2040074   After an icy drop across the saddle, we can start the final climb P2040075 P2040076
P2040077 P2040078 P2040079 P2040080
P2040081 P2040082 P2040083 P2040084
P2040085 tonemapped   Looking toward the Village P2040086   Toward Cottonwood P2040087 P2040089
P2040090 P2040091 P2040092 P2040093   The trail summit,. Though the peak to the right is slightly higher, it is very difficult to reach.
P2040094 P2040095 P2040096 P2040097
P2040099 P2040100 P2040101 P2040102
P2040103 P2040105 P2040106 P2040108
P2040109 P2040111   Looking into Fay Canyon. The spire to the right of center is on Fay Overlook. P2040112 P2040113 tonemapped
P2040116   Below the summit, a good lunch spot P2040117 P2040118 P2040119 tonemapped
P2040120 P2040121   Our second group makes its way down P2040122 P2040125
P2040126 P2040127   Going from each bench tothe next is through a shaded, icy chute P2040128 P2040129   Our path down
P2040130 P2040131 tonemapped P2040132 P2040133   And we're out!
P2040134 P2040136