Boynton Canyon Mushroom Jan 16

A side canyon of Boynton Canyon contains a formation that looks impossible to climb.
P1210001   BOYNTON CANYON MUSHROOM P1210002 P1210003   A memorial bench near the trailhead P1210004   A classic Westerners trail sign at the start
P1210005 P1210006 tonemapped   Passing by Enchantment Resort P1210007 P1210008   A wash on the public trail
P1210009   We head up to the first level P1210010 P1210011 tonemapped   Views open up on the first level P1210012
P1210013   Looking back down Boynton Canyon P1210014 P1210017 P1210019   We make our way around this cove on ledges
P1210021 P1210022   Our leader points out a petroglyph P1210023 tonemapped P1210024   Freshly watered moss
P1210027   Climbing up another level P1210029   ...past a Pringle's manzanita P1210030 P1210032
P1210034 P1210035 P1210037 P1210038
P1210040 P1210045 P1210046 tonemapped P1210047 tonemapped
P1210048 P1210050   Crossing the nose into the adjacent side canyon P1210051 P1210057 we go up another level
P1210058 tonemapped P1210059 P1210060 P1210061
P1210062 P1210063 tonemapped P1210064 P1210066
P1210067 P1210070 P1210071 P1210072
P1210074 P1210075 P1210076   We see ourt goal for the first time P1210080
P1210081 P1210083   Up the second side canyon to the Mushroom P1210084 P1210085
P1210087 tonemapped P1210088 P1210089 P1210090   They are on top of it
P1210091 P1210093 P1210095 P1210097   Which is a good place for lunch
P1210098   It's a long way down P1210100 P1210101 P1210103   Heading back...
P1210104 P1210106 P1210107 P1210114
P1210117 P1210118 P1210119 P1210120 tonemapped
P1210121 P1210123 P1210125 tonemapped P1210126 tonemapped
P1210127 P1210129 P1210130 P1210131 tonemapped   Back on the public trail
P1210133 P1210135 P1210136 P1210137
P1210138 P1210139 tonemapped P1210140   One last hoodoo before the end of the canyon