Brinslinger Feb 16

This 'key exchange' hike requires the party to split into two equal groups, which start from opposite ends of the trail. When the two groups meet, car keys are exchanged so that both groups can proceed to the opposite end of the trail from where they started, and then drive back to a central point.
P2180117   BRINSLINGER P2180118   Starting at the Jordan Road end of teh combined trail P2180119 P2180120
P2180121 tonemapped-2 P2180121 tonemapped P2180122 P2180123   The steep climb onto Brins Mesa
P2180124 P2180125 P2180126 tonemapped P2180127 tonemapped
P2180128 P2180129 P2180130 tonemapped   On top of the Mesa, and we're getting a few sprinkles P2180131
P2180132 tonemapped   Dead trees from the 2006 burn are still around P2180133 P2180134   We move ahead toward FR 252 P2180135
P2180137 tonemapped P2180138 P2180139   Even after two warm weeks, there is still some patchy ice P2180140
P2180141   Meanwhile, half the group has been hiking from the Chuckwagon/Gunslinger Trail off Long Canyon Rd. Now we meet in the middle. P2180142 P2180143 P2180146   Together we take a side trail for a snack...
P2180147 P2180148 tonemapped P2180149   Fresh moss. This spends most of the year black and dormant. P2180150
P2180151 P2180152   ...And a visit to the Soldier Heights ruin and petroglyphs P2180154 P2180156 tonemapped
P2180157 P2180158 tonemapped P2180159 P2180160 tonemapped
P2180161 tonemapped P2180162 tonemapped P2180163 P2180165 tonemapped
P2180166 P2180167 P2180168 tonemapped P2180169
P2180170 P2180172 P2180173 P2180174 tonemapped
P2180175 tonemapped P2180176 tonemapped P2180177 tonemapped P2180178
P2180179 P2180180 P2180181 P2180182
P2180183   At one point in the long alcove, wasp nest holes in existing tafoni P2180184   Calcium efflorescing on sandstone P2180185 P2180186 tonemapped   Lunch on the heights above the alcove
P2180187 P2180188 tonemapped P2180189 P2180190 tonemapped   Great views of Thunder Mountain and the west side of town
P2180192 tonemapped P2180193 P2180194   Back along the alcove to the public trail P2180195
P2180196 P2180197 P2180199 P2180200   Here the group splits again, both walking in the same directions we started
P2180201   An Arizona cedar P2180202 P2180204   We emerge onto FR 252... P2180205 tonemapped   ...and then cross it for Chuckwagon/Gunslinger
P2180206 tonemapped P2180207 tonemapped P2180208 P2180209
P2180210   One wet wash! P2180212 P2180213 tonemapped   Back of the Sphinx P2180214 tonemapped
P2180215 P2180216 tonemapped   And we emerge onto Long Canyon trailhead