Carroll Canyon Dec 16

Hiking a loop of trails starting at Red Rock High, cutting across the hills to the middle of Carroll Canyon and then out again lower down
PC130001   CARROLL CANYON PC130002   Newly designated trails near Red Rock High PC130003   Originally this was just the Herkenham Trail, as designated byone of the Sedona Westerners steel signs PC130004 tonemapped   Heading over the hill between the high school and Carroll Canyon
PC130005 PC130006   A memorial bench PC130008 PC130009
PC130010 PC130013 PC130014 PC130015
PC130016 PC130017 tonemapped PC130018 PC130019
PC130021 PC130022 PC130024 PC130025
PC130026   A small side ravine of the Canyon PC130027 PC130028 PC130030
PC130033 PC130034   We enter Carroll Canyon PC130035 PC130036   It always retains some water
PC130038 PC130039 PC130042 PC130043
PC130044 PC130045 PC130046 PC130051
PC130052 PC130054 PC130055 tonemapped PC130056
PC130057 PC130060 PC130061 PC130062
PC130063 PC130065 PC130066 PC130068
PC130069 PC130070 PC130071 PC130072
PC130073 PC130076 tonemapped PC130077 PC130078
PC130079   Exiting the canyon, heading back on teh Ramshead Trail PC130080 PC130082 PC130083
PC130084 tonemapped PC130089   Back at the high school