Cathedral Rock Oct 16

From the east face of Seven Sisters around the north side, and then across to Cathedral Rock and up its north side. Return on the Templeton Trail.
PA060115   CATHEDRAL ROCK Starting at the Yavapai Vista trailhead PA060116   Climbing up onto Seven sisters, then taking the Hiline Trail around on the north side PA060117 PA060118   Looking back toward Bell Rock...
PA060119 PA060120 PA060121 PA060122
PA060123 PA060124 PA060125 PA060126   Cathedral Roc comes into view
PA060127 PA060128 PA060129 PA060130
PA060131 PA060132   Bikers stop for a breather on the 'point' PA060133   We go downinto the saddle leading to Cathedral... PA060134
PA060135 PA060137   Lots of ther hikers on the trail today PA060138 tonemapped PA060139
PA060140 PA060141 PA060142   We approach Cathedral PA060143
PA060144   A quick look back toward Rabbit Ears PA060145   But first, we pass around the south side of Cathedral... PA060147 PA060148
PA060149 head up this slot to the top of the rock PA060151 PA060152 PA060153
PA060154 PA060155 PA060156   It's very steep at the end, but one anchored tree makes the climb possible PA060158   On top of the ridge that looks across to the north side of Cathedral
PA060159   The dark limestone bedding at the base of these lollipops is the Fort Apache Layer PA060161 PA060163   The view from the ridge PA060164
PA060165 PA060167 PA060170 PA060171
PA060172 PA060173   Heading back doen... PA060174 PA060175
PA060176 PA060178 PA060179 PA060180
PA060181   We make our way down the steep scree slope on the north side... PA060183 PA060184 PA060185
PA060187 PA060188 PA060189 PA060190
PA060191 PA060192 PA060193 PA060194 tonemapped
PA060195 tonemapped PA060196 PA060197 PA060198 reach the Oak Creek overlook for lunch
PA060199 PA060200 PA060201 PA060202
PA060203 PA060204 PA060205 PA060207   From here, one steep slot is our shortcut to the Templeton Trail
PA060208 tonemapped PA060211 PA060212 PA060213
PA060216 PA060217 PA060218 PA060221
PA060222 PA060223 PA060224 PA060225
PA060226 PA060227 PA060229 PA060230
PA060231   Now it's an easy hike back on the public trail to our starting point PA060232 PA060234 tonemapped PA060236
PA060237   Only roof tin remains of this pioneer cabin PA060238 PA060239 tonemapped PA060240
PA060241 PA060242 PA060243 PA060244 tonemapped
PA060245 PA060246 PA060247   Back at Yavapai Vista