Cockscomb and Doe Mountain Mar 16

A hike on two adjacent peaks on Sedona's west side: up Cockscomb, then across Aerie to DoeMountain, and then down the public fromt side of Doe and across on the Aerie Trail back to the starting point.
P3010001   COCKSCOMB AND DOE MOUNTAIN P3010002 tonemapped   From the Aerie development, we head for Cockscomb P3010003 P3010004   Approaching one end of Cockscomb
P3010005   Ha;fway up, we canalready see Chimney Rock P3010006   Houses at The Aerie P3010007 P3010009   Almost up...
P3010010   The first spire at the top P3010013   Now we can see along the rest of the 'spine' of spires P3010016   A small lookout point, authenticity uncertain P3010017
P3010018   Up to the top of the spine P3010021 P3010023 P3010024
P3010025 P3010026 P3010028 P3010031
P3010032   This isolated block seems to be about to fall P3010033 P3010034 P3010035
P3010036   A good break spot., with views across the Verde Valley P3010037 P3010038 P3010040   Down from Cockscomb...
P3010041 P3010042 P3010044 P3010045 we head toward Doe Mountain
P3010047 P3010048 P3010049 tonemapped P3010050   Clinbing the rear face of Doe
P3010051 P3010052 P3010053 P3010054   Resting at an intermediate point
P3010055 P3010056 P3010057 P3010058
P3010059 P3010060 P3010061 P3010062
P3010063 P3010064 P3010065 P3010066   The final slots up to the top of the mesa
P3010067 P3010068 P3010069 P3010070
P3010072 P3010073 P3010074   On top! P3010076
P3010077 P3010078 P3010079   Time for lunch P3010080
P3010081 P3010082 P3010083 tonemapped   Looking toward Courthouse and Bell Rock P3010084   Uptown
P3010085 P3010087 P3010088   We round the east side of the mesa toward the public trail P3010090
P3010091 P3010092 P3010093 P3010094   And down the main trail to the base
P3010095 P3010096 P3010097 P3010098
P3010099 P3010100 P3010101   But we turn off on the Aerie Trail to return