Courthouse Loop Feb 15

The 4.5 mi loop trail around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte, returning by way of Big Park Loop
P2020001   COURTHOUSE LOOP P2020003   Only a few days after a winter storm, we expect ice and snow P2020004 P2020005
P2020007   At the first trail junction, we proceed around clockwise P2020008 P2020009 P2020010   On the west side of Bell Rock...
P2020011 P2020012 P2020013   North of Bell Rock... P2020014
P2020015 P2020016 P2020017 P2020019
P2020020 P2020021 P2020022 P2020023   Muffin Top is showing ice, but ther is a dry route up
P2020024 P2020025 P2020027   Views from Muffin Top P2020028
P2020029   The east side of Courthouse Butte P2020031   Rabbit Ears P2020032 P2020034   A small cave in Lee Mountain
P2020036 P2020037   Warmed rock melts snow by itself P2020039 P2020040   Looking up the wedts side past Cockscomb
P2020042 P2020043 P2020044   Coming around tothe south side, crossing the wash... P2020045
P2020046 P2020047 tonemapped P2020048 P2020049
P2020050   On the south side, we return via the east branch of Big Park Loop P2020052 P2020054 P2020055
P2020056 P2020057