Fay Canyon

A hike up both forks of Fay Canyon, including two ruins and the 201 plane crash site
P2160002   FAY CANYON P2160003   Approaching the Rockfall... P2160004 P2160005   The Arch. Note the small sun pathces shining through cracks on the inside of the arch.
P2160006 tonemapped P2160007 P2160008 P2160009   At the Rocklfall, another band of hikers above the collapsed spire
P2160010   Past the Rockfall on the right fork of the Canyon, we staft climbing tothe first ruin P2160011   Looking toward Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock P2160012 P2160013
P2160014 P2160015 P2160016 P2160018
P2160019   The first ruin P2160021 P2160023 P2160028
P2160030 P2160031 P2160032 P2160033
P2160034 P2160036 P2160038 tonemapped   Back down into the wash P2160040 tonemapped
P2160041 P2160042 P2160043   Then up into the end of the right Canyon fork P2160044
P2160045 P2160046 P2160050 P2160051
P2160052 P2160053 P2160054 P2160056
P2160057 P2160059 P2160064 P2160065
P2160066 P2160067 P2160070 P2160071
P2160072 P2160075 P2160076 P2160077   Back at the collapsed spire, we head up to the left Vanyon fork
P2160078 P2160079   Looking toward the headwall of the fork, location of a 2014 light plane crash P2160081 P2160084   Climbing "The Wall" for lunch
P2160085 P2160086 P2160089 tonemapped P2160090 tonemapped
P2160095 P2160096 P2160097   After lunch, a side trip through the 25-acre burn area surrounding the crash P2160099
P2160100 P2160103 P2160104 P2160105
P2160106 P2160108 P2160109   Heading back down... P2160110
P2160111   Back on thepunlic trail P2160112 P2160113 P2160114   One last look back atthe Canyon