Harding Spring Aug 16

A short but steep trail up the side of Oak Creek Canyon
P8180125   HARDING SPRING P8180126   A rich monsoon has brought growth to this short but steep trail on the east side of Oak Creek Canyon P8180128   Late-season fleabane P8180129   Star moss
P8180130 P8180131 P8180132 P8180133
P8180134 P8180135   Cross-bedding across the canyon is evidence of ancient dunes P8180136 P8180137   Indian paintbrush
P8180138   Lokikng up the canyon P8180139 P8180140 P8180141   Lupine
P8180142   The old hitchrail midway up the trail, once used for fire mules P8180143 P8180144 P8180146
P8180147 P8180148 P8180149   Baby Buggy across the way, from Lookout Point P8180152
P8180154 P8180155 P8180157 P8180158
P8180159 P8180161   The Spring is not flowing today P8180162   On the way down P8180163
P8180164 P8180165