Huckaby Heights Mar 16

A hike along the Huckaby Trail across Oak Creek from Uptown Sedona, then a climb to the slickrock of Huckaby Heights
P3220001   HUCKABY HEIGHTS P3220002   Starting at the end of pavement on Schnebly Hill Road, toward the public Huckaby Trail... P3220003   ...but shortcutting through a deep wash first P3220004
P3220006 P3220008 P3220010 P3220011
P3220013   Some basalt in the wash from lava flows above P3220014   Javelina have been rooting here P3220015 P3220016
P3220017 P3220018 P3220019 P3220021
P3220022 P3220024 P3220025 P3220027 tonemapped
P3220028   Back on the Huckaby Trail P3220029 P3220030   Along Oak Creek with a view of Uptown P3220031   This memorial bench and the section of trail on which it is located have been radically relocated to avoid erosion
P3220032 P3220034 P3220035 P3220036
P3220037 P3220038 tonemapped P3220040 P3220041
P3220042 P3220044   Down by Oak Creek at the end of the trail, time for a break P3220046 P3220048
P3220050   Afterward, we backtrack a short distance and climb a steep wash up to Huckaby Heights P3220051 P3220052 tonemapped P3220054
P3220055 P3220057 P3220058 tonemapped P3220059
P3220060 P3220062   Then up a second, more open wash toward slickrock P3220063 P3220065
P3220066 P3220067 P3220069 P3220070   Views of Oak Creek Canyon are now opening up
P3220071 P3220072 P3220073 P3220074
P3220078 P3220080 P3220082 P3220083   Now onto open rock as the wind picks up
P3220084 P3220085   Lunch in the lee of the rock P3220087 P3220088 tonemapped
P3220090 tonemapped P3220091 P3220092 P3220095 tonemapped
P3220096 P3220097 P3220098 P3220099   We try for the Heights, but by now it's getting too windy
P3220101 P3220102   We head back down by a different public trail P3220103 P3220104 tonemapped
P3220105 tonemapped P3220106 P3220108 P3220109   Spring flowers are coming out
P3220110 P3220111 P3220113