Kelly Canyon Jul 16

This verdant canyon runs from the Rim across I-17 and can be accessed from SR 89A.
P7210001   KELLY CANYON P7210002 P7210003   Monsoon rains have brought some water P7210004
P7210005 P7210006   It's been a wet year, so growth is lush P7210007 P7210008
P7210009 P7210010 P7210011 P7210012
P7210013 P7210014 P7210015 P7210017
P7210018 P7210019   The upper part of the canyon is shallower P7210020 P7210021
P7210022 tonemapped P7210023 tonemapped P7210024 P7210025
P7210026   A columbine P7210027 P7210028 P7210029
P7210030 tonemapped P7210031 P7210032 P7210034
P7210036 P7210037 tonemapped P7210038 P7210039
P7210040 P7210042 P7210043 P7210044
P7210045 P7210046 P7210048 P7210049
P7210051 P7210052 tonemapped P7210053 P7210054
P7210055   This mushroom was found half-buried P7210059 P7210061 P7210062 tonemapped
P7210063 tonemapped   A pebble in my boot! P7210064 P7210065   Thick moss near the bottom of the canyon P7210067
P7210070 P7210072 P7210073 P7210075   A bracket fungus on a tree
IMG 4655 IMG 4654 tonemapped