Long Canyon Ice Cream Cone Jan 16

Exploring Long Canyon and the Ice Cream Cone formation
P1140078   LONG CANYON ICE CREAM CONE P1140080   Lots of remnant snow after the previous week of storms P1140082   A raccoon track in frozen mud P1140083
P1140085 P1140086 P1140088   The long sandy stretch going into the canyon is all frozen mud P1140089
P1140090 P1140091 P1140092   Climbing the sidewall toward Ice Cream Cone P1140094
P1140096 P1140097 P1140099 P1140100
P1140101 P1140104 P1140106 P1140107
P1140108 P1140109   Calcite efflorescence at  a seep line P1140110 P1140111
P1140112 P1140113 P1140115   A good place for morning break P1140116
P1140118 P1140119 P1140120 P1140122
P1140123 P1140124 P1140128 P1140133
P1140134 tonemapped   Processing to bring out the rock art P1140135 tonemapped   The cross glyph may be an nsually brihgt star P1140136 P1140138 tonemapped
P1140142 P1140144 P1140146 P1140147 tonemapped
P1140150 P1140152 P1140154   Along the midway ledge... P1140155
P1140156 P1140158 P1140159 P1140160
P1140161 P1140164 P1140165 P1140166
P1140167 P1140169 P1140171 tonemapped   Snow crystals on a shaded north slope P1140174
P1140176   The deep drainage we edge around before the bootlegger caves P1140181 P1140182 P1140183 tonemapped   Boootlegger caves...
P1140184 P1140185 P1140186 P1140187
P1140189 P1140190   Arrived at the amphitheater at the head of the canyon P1140192 tonemapped P1140193
P1140194 P1140195 P1140196 P1140198   Heading down toward the public trail
P1140200 P1140201 P1140203 P1140204 tonemapped
P1140205 tonemapped P1140206 P1140207 P1140209