Mayan Maiden Apr 16

Hills and ledges in Village of Oak Creek
P4070001   MAYAN MAIDEN P4070002   Starting at Verde Valley School Road at about the midway point P4070003   First we go south of VVS Rd, exploring a small hill... P4070004
P4070005 P4070006 tonemapped P4070007 tonemapped P4070008   ...Pit house ruins up here
P4070009 P4070010 P4070011 P4070013
P4070014 P4070015 P4070016   Crossing VVS to the north side P4070017
P4070018 P4070019 P4070020 P4070021
P4070022 P4070024   A horse farm in Little Park with Cathedral Rock in the distance P4070026   Feather dahlia P4070027   This yucca is juse starting to grow its blossom spike
P4070028 P4070029 P4070030 P4070031
P4070032 P4070033   Penstemon P4070034 P4070035
P4070037 P4070038 P4070039 P4070041   Daisy
P4070042 P4070044 P4070045   A huge shagbark juniper P4070046 tonemapped
P4070047 P4070048 P4070049 P4070050   Entering Silver Canyon...
P4070051 P4070052   Last picture before the camera failed IMG 4025   Continuing on the iPhone... IMG 4026
IMG 4027 IMG 4029 IMG 4031 IMG 4032
IMG 4033 IMG 4034 IMG 4036   A large hedgehog cactus in bloom IMG 4038   This slot leads out of Silver Canyon up onto the heights
IMG 4039 IMG 4040 IMG 4041 IMG 4043
IMG 4044   Time for lunch! IMG 4046 IMG 4047 IMG 4049 tonemapped
IMG 4050 IMG 4051 IMG 4052 IMG 4053   Working our way back around to Village of Oakcreek
IMG 4054   Coming down the big stairstep of the Fort Apache Layer IMG 4055   One more water break before we get to the bottom IMG 4057 IMG 4058 tonemapped
IMG 4059 IMG 4061 IMG 4062 tonemapped   The Mayan Maiden IMG 4063   The old ranch dam
IMG 4064   Explaining the history of Big Park as we reach the end of the trail