Mescal Dec 16

This large mesa near the mouth of Long Canyon offers a variety of climbs and one adventurous descent
PC060001   MESCAL MOUNTAIN PC060002   The mouth of Long Canyon is surrounded by sharp peaks PC060003 PC060005
PC060006 PC060007   Peaks to the north of Mescal; to the right is Seven Canyons PC060008 PC060010   Having weorked our way around on the flat to the lower north side of Mescal, we climb up
PC060013 PC060015   Lokking out over seven Canyons PC060016 PC060017
PC060018   Now we move south along the ridge at the top, still ascending PC060019 PC060020 PC060021
PC060022 PC060023 PC060024 PC060025
PC060026 PC060027 PC060028 PC060029
PC060030   The ruins alcove PC060031   This was perobably a watchpoint protecting pit houses up on top PC060037 PC060042
PC060043 PC060044 PC060045 PC060046
PC060047 PC060048 PC060049 PC060050
PC060051   Looking down on Rachel's Knoll, which for years was an inholding surrounded by Seven Canyons PC060052 PC060053   The highest point of Mescal, not our destination today PC060054
PC060055 PC060056 PC060057 PC060059
PC060060 PC060061   This will be our route down, on the west side PC060062 PC060063
PC060064 PC060065 PC060066 tonemapped PC060067
PC060068 PC060070 PC060071 PC060072   A good pl;ace for lunch
PC060073 PC060074 PC060077 PC060078
PC060079 PC060080 PC060082 PC060083
PC060084 PC060085 PC060086 PC060087   Starting down
PC060089 PC060091 PC060093 tonemapped PC060095 tonemapped
PC060096 PC060098 tonemapped PC060099 PC060101
PC060102 PC060103 PC060104 PC060105   From this point on the west side, we walk a long ledge to the south side of Mescal
PC060106 PC060107 PC060108 PC060109
PC060110 PC060111 PC060112 PC060113
PC060114 tonemapped   Our last view of Mescal as we finish the loop