Norm's Notch Mar16

A loop hike around the heights of Soldier Pass that includes the specyacular Norm's Notch
P3030102   NORM'S NOTCH LOOP P3030103 P3030104 P3030105
P3030106   Up toward Soldier Heights P3030107 P3030108 P3030109
P3030110 P3030111   And along the ridge toward Norm's Notch P3030112 P3030113
P3030114 P3030115 P3030116 P3030117
P3030118 P3030119 P3030120 tonemapped P3030121
P3030122 P3030123 tonemapped P3030124 P3030125
P3030126 tonemapped P3030127 P3030128 P3030129
P3030130 P3030132 P3030133 P3030136 tonemapped
P3030137 P3030138   Ready for the final climb up to the Notch P3030139 P3030141
P3030142   Norm's Notch, a steep downhill slot from here P3030143 P3030144 P3030145
P3030146 P3030147 P3030150   Looking back toward FR 152 P3030151
P3030159-Pano P3030160 P3030161   This ridgeline is the route we just took P3030162 tonemapped
P3030163   Going down... P3030164 P3030166 P3030167
P3030168 P3030169 P3030170 P3030171
P3030172 tonemapped P3030174 P3030175 tonemapped P3030176
P3030178 P3030180 tonemapped P3030182 P3030183   Out onto a point near Soldier Pass
P3030184 P3030185 P3030186 P3030188
P3030189 P3030190 P3030191 P3030192
P3030193 P3030194 P3030195 P3030196
P3030197   Our first spring flower! P3030198 tonemapped P3030199 P3030200   A deer track
P3030201 P3030202 P3030203 P3030204
P3030205 P3030206 P3030207 P3030209   Verbena
P3030210 P3030211 tonemapped   Back on the public trail P3030213   We take the wash back to our starting point P3030214
P3030215 P3030216 P3030217