Pyramids And Polygons Loop Mar16

Starting near Red Rock Crossing, this route up the Pyramid, along the ridge to the wash containing the first set of polygonal formations in the area, and then up the wash across Scheurmann Mountain to use the new Scorpion Trail to return as a loop
P3080001   PYRAMIDS AND POLYGONS LOOP P3080002   First, we climb the Pyramid at the end of the new Scorpion Trail P3080003   A shagbark juniper P3080005   The Pyramid
P3080006   Getting views across to Cathedral P3080007 P3080008 P3080010
P3080011 tonemapped   Napoleon's Tomb and Bell Rock P3080012 P3080013 P3080014 tonemapped   High on the Pyramid
P3080015 tonemapped P3080016   Crossing the Fort Apache Layer P3080017 P3080018
P3080019   Fresh juniper berries P3080020   Black algae in limestone rain pits is facilitating erosion P3080021 P3080022
P3080023   Loking back on the road toward the high school P3080024 P3080025 P3080026
P3080027 P3080029   A pit house P3080030 P3080031
P3080032 tonemapped P3080034 P3080035 P3080036
P3080037 P3080039 P3080040 P3080041   What is he collecting?
P3080042 tonemapped   Looking over Oak Creek P3080043 P3080044   The first clouds of an incoming weather system form above the columnar basalt P3080045
P3080046 P3080048 tonemapped P3080049 tonemapped P3080051
P3080052 P3080053 P3080054 P3080056
P3080057 P3080058   Polygons ('tesselated pavement') have formed in this wash P3080059 P3080060   So this is where we stop for a break
P3080061 P3080062 P3080063   A scour hole at the base of a fall P3080064
P3080065   Hawks hang over the ridgeline P3080067 tonemapped P3080072 P3080073   Verbena
P3080074 P3080075 P3080076   From here, we start up the wash toward Scheurmann Mountain P3080077
P3080078   Basalt boulders coming down the wash P3080079 P3080080 P3080081
P3080082   On top at Scheurmann Mountain, to join another public trail P3080084 P3080085 P3080086
P3080087 tonemapped   We emerge back on the Sedona side, closer to the high school P3080089   Indian painbrush P3080090   Fresh juniper P3080091
P3080092   Verbena P3080093   The trail takes us tothe high school and its large solar array... P3080095 P3080096   ...From which we take the Scorpion Trail to return
P3080097 P3080098 tonemapped   The weather is now swiftly coming in P3080099 P3080100
P3080101 P3080102 tonemapped P3080103 P3080104