Sandys Canyon Aug 16

A rainy summer has brought out a lot of flowers and new growth in this canyon just above the Rim.
P8250001   SANDY'S CANYON Starting from the new trailhead, west of the campground P8250002   This unusual lush growth is due to a rainy year P8250004 P8250005   Russian thistle
P8250006 P8250007 P8250008 P8250010   Mushrooms like to grow directly on wood or on top of tree roots
P8250011 P8250012 P8250013 P8250014   Going down into the canyon
P8250015 P8250016 P8250017 P8250019
P8250020   After crossing the big wash, the canyon opens out broadly P8250021 P8250022 P8250023   This iverhang shows limestone over a lava flow
P8250024 P8250025 P8250026 P8250027
P8250030 P8250037 P8250039 P8250040
P8250041 P8250042 P8250043 P8250044   This is a segment of the north-south Arizona Trail
P8250045 P8250047 P8250048 tonemapped   The climb through a narrow side canyon to Fisher Point P8250049   Lots of plant life to look at today
P8250050 P8250051 P8250052 P8250054
P8250055 P8250057 P8250058 P8250059
P8250061 tonemapped   Up on Fisher Point. looking at the pass from Sandy's Canyon to Walnut Canyon P8250063 P8250064 P8250065 tonemapped
P8250066   Heading back down... P8250067 P8250068 P8250069
P8250070 P8250072 P8250074   Salsify P8250075
P8250076 tonemapped   The earliest beginnings of fall color P8250077 tonemapped P8250079 P8250080
P8250081   Back on top