Sandys Canyon Oct 16

This perennial favorite is a broad, grassy canyon near Lake Mary that incorporates part of the Arizona Trail
Starting from the new trailhead PA180002   A well-thinned forest at the top... PA180003 PA180004
PA180005 PA180006 PA180007   But below the rim, it's wild PA180009
PA180010 PA180011   We cross the wash and ontothe flat grassy canyon floor PA180012 tonemapped PA180013
PA180015 PA180016 PA180017 tonemapped   After a short distance, we briefly take the Marshall Lake turnoff to the north to see the high canyon wall PA180018
PA180019 PA180021 tonemapped PA180022 PA180023   Back on the main trail toward the caves
PA180027 PA180028 PA180029   ...where we turn off for Fisher Point, which is directly abive this first cave PA180031
PA180033 PA180034 PA180035 PA180036   Up on Fisher Point
PA180038   We see a hawk PA180040 PA180042 PA180043   Looking down on the south end of Walnut Canyon
PA180045 PA180046 PA180047 PA180048   Back down from the Point...
PA180049 PA180050 PA180051 tonemapped PA180052
PA180053 PA180055   To the first cave. These are mostly cowboy graffiti. PA180056 PA180057 tonemapped
PA180059 PA180062   Onward into Walnut for the second cave PA180063 PA180064
PA180066 PA180067   This one is shallow and recently used for a fire PA180069 tonemapped PA180071 tonemapped
PA180072   We return PA180074 PA180076 tonemapped PA180077 tonemapped