The Mushroom Oct 16

This side canyon off Boynton Canyon is known for its walls and ledges, culminating in a formation that looks impossible to climb
PA200079   THE MUSHROOM PA200081   Starting on the Boynton Canyon public trail, past the Enchantment PA200082 PA200083 tonemapped
PA200085 PA200088 tonemapped   We take the side canyon for Mushroom PA200090 PA200091
PA200092 PA200093   The first rest bench. To reach Mushroom we must go around the facing wall and up the side canyon beyond it PA200095 PA200096
PA200097 PA200098 tonemapped PA200100 PA200101   Rock mat growing on seeps
PA200103 PA200104 PA200105 PA200106
PA200107 tonemapped   Manzanita PA200108 PA200109 tonemapped   We are now on the far wall, looking back at where we rested PA200110
PA200111   There are still more levels to climb before being able to go around the point PA200112 PA200114 PA200115
PA200117 PA200118 PA200119 PA200121
PA200122 PA200124 PA200125 PA200126
PA200127 PA200130 PA200132 PA200133
PA200135   First sight of the Mushroom PA200138 PA200139 PA200142   To reach we climb directly up the side canyon, scree and ledges all the way
PA200145 PA200153 PA200155 PA200156   Right under the Mushrooom now
PA200157   But getting on top is just a single step PA200161   Thsi is our lunch spot PA200162 PA200163
PA200165 PA200166 PA200168 PA200169 tonemapped   A brief side trip onward at the same level, toward Seven Canyons...
PA200170 PA200172 PA200173   ...which we can now look down on PA200174 tonemapped
PA200175 PA200176 PA200186 PA200190   Heading back down
PA200192 PA200193 PA200199 PA200200 tonemapped
PA200202 PA200203 PA200205 PA200207
PA200208 PA200210   The final descent into Boynton, looking toward the mouth PA200211   Back on the public trail. By now it's getting warm.