Turkey Breast Dec 16

A loop across several spires in the vicinity of Verde Valley School
PC290001   TURKEY BREAST PC290003   From the Turkey Tank trailhead, on the public trail PC290004 PC290005
PC290006   Then up a wash.... PC290008 PC290010 PC290011
PC290013 PC290014 PC290015 PC290016
PC290017   ...To a good view point PC290018 PC290019 PC290020   Looking toward Oak Creek (leafless cottonwoods in the distance) and House of Apache Fires on the ridge between
PC290021 PC290022 PC290023 PC290024 tonemapped   The Turkey Breasts
PC290025 PC290026   We climb a height at the base of this rock PC290027 PC290028
PC290029   Looking down on Verde Valley School PC290030   And across the road to Cathedral Rock PC290032 PC290033
PC290036   From there, we cross the wash between this rock and the Breasts... PC290038 PC290039 PC290040
PC290042 tonemapped PC290044 PC290045 PC290046
PC290047   Arriving at a view spot right below the Turkey Breasts PC290048 PC290049 PC290050
PC290051 PC290052 PC290053   Lunch, with moss around us PC290054
PC290055 PC290056 PC290057 PC290059
PC290060 PC290061 PC290062 PC290063
PC290064   Now back to the public trail at Turkey Tank, now empty PC290065 PC290067 PC290068   One more diversion,  this time off to the other side
PC290069 tonemapped PC290070 tonemapped PC290071 PC290073   Meeting up with the fisrt group, which took a different way
PC290074 PC290075 PC290076 PC290077   The large sinkhole beside the trail
PC290078 PC290079 PC290080 PC290081   Meeting bikers as we return to the trailhead