Twin Buttes Submarine Rock Jan 16

North along the front of Twin Buttes north of Chapel, across the saddle between the Buttes, then across the basin to Chicken Point via Submarine Rock. Return on Little Horse and Chapel trails.
P1260001   TWIN BUTTES AND SUBMARINE ROCK P1260003   Starting along the mountain front from the Chapel north P1260005 P1260007   Looking over to the West Side
P1260008 P1260009 tonemapped P1260010 P1260011
P1260012 P1260013 tonemapped P1260014   Taking the Hog Heaven trail between the two buttes at the north end of the mountaon P1260015
P1260017 P1260020 P1260021 P1260023
P1260024 P1260025 P1260026 P1260027   This area, just inside the basin behind Broken Arrow, was the locale for the eponymous movie
P1260028 P1260030   This forested area was all meadow when the film was made. Now that the catle no longer graze, the trees have grown back. P1260031 P1260032
P1260033 P1260034 tonemapped P1260035 P1260036 tonemapped
P1260038 P1260039 P1260040 P1260041
P1260042 P1260043 P1260044 P1260045
P1260046 P1260047 P1260048 P1260049   Now to climb Submarine Rock
P1260050 P1260051 P1260052 P1260053
P1260054   Chicken Point, under the twin Nuns, is where we are headed next P1260055   But first, it's time for a break P1260057 tonemapped   Looking south to the Jim Bryant Trail P1260058
P1260059 P1260060 P1260061 P1260062
P1260063   Coming down the south side of Submarine P1260065 P1260066 P1260067
P1260069 P1260070 P1260071 P1260072
P1260073 P1260074 P1260075 P1260078   The Sedona Whiteline, the narrow limestone band partway up, is a test of will for bikers
P1260079 P1260081 tonemapped P1260082   Chicken Point is reachable by jeep and the occasional SUV P1260083
P1260084   From here on, it's a quick trip down the Little Horse and Chapel trails to our starting point P1260085 P1260086 P1260088
P1260089 P1260091 P1260093